Who we are

We started when the three co-founders / co-directors (Chris Woodfield, Heather McClure and Chris Byrne) met in 2015/16 to set up Aberystwyth University’s Sustainability Society. We started collecting food waste from Morrisons supermarket in Aberystwyth and fast-forward to 2019, we have recently received our second major grant funding success to now establish a community and environmental hub in the centre of Aberystwyth.


Meet the team:


Chris Woodfield

Chris is a passionate outdoorsperson, environmentalist and community activist. He studied at Aberystwyth University and a MSc in Sustainability and Adaptation at the Centre for Alternative Technology where he explored nature connection, happiness, kindness and pro-environmental behaviour change. As well as Co-Founding Aber Food Surplus, Chris leads on the Friends of the Earth Bee Friendly initiative, Plastic Free Aberystwyth and the beach cleaning movement in Aberystwyth. He enjoys cold-water wild swimming, trail-running, gardening and spending time in nature. 

What’s motivating him right now? How can we bring more empathy, kindness and compassion into the environmental movement, i.e. not just raising awareness, but raising compassion and taking action in a collaborative way.  

What you might not know about Chris: One day he dreams of becoming a yoga-instructor and massage therapist. 


Heather McClure

Heather has a passion for the wilderness (particularly fungi and moss), outdoor sports, world foods, and cooking outdoors. She is interested and inspired by the glimmers of people’s self-reliance and making things from nature, and the way this highlights how important it is to connect, share and work together. Prior to working with Aber Food Surplus Heather graduated with an BSc in Geography, and an MA in Regional and Environmental Policy. Having grown up in the city and with a strong connection to Hong Kong, Heather is fascinated by entrepreneurialism, people taking initiative, making an impact, and creating exciting social spaces.  

What is motivating her right now? Voices of the farmers in La Via Campesina, as they have so much to offer to our relationship with food and our environments. How can we overcome the barriers of access and support to food sovereignty? 

What you might not know about Heather: Heather used to be a secondary school Maths Teacher, and would one day like to work with a forest school / outdoor primary school. 


Chris Byrne

Chris is...not very good at writing bio’s, but here goes... He grew up in Northern England, and after a few years of working, post school, he recognised he had a keen interest in food systems and their interactions with the world around them.  From here followed a BSc in Agriculture and Countryside Management, an MSc in Food and Water Security, and now he is writing up his PhD thesis.  He recently moved to Scotland, and works in Scottish Government.  He enjoys knitting, running, walking up big hills, seeing the world, and watching re-runs of Murder, She Wrote – most of those in the company of his beagle.  

What’s motivating him right now? A rapidly approaching PhD deadline.  That, and playing even a small role in pushing toward a more environmentally sensitive and resilient food system.  

What you might not know about Chris: His dream is to set up his own organisation educating young people about food production systems and encouraging them to consider potential careers in this sector...he should probably get moving with this quite soon!