Privacy policy

If you make a donation, we need to keep your basic personal data (name and contact details) for six years, after which time we’ll destroy it.

We will only send you our email newsletter if you opt in.  Our email newsletter will contain things like news about our Pay As You Feel meals, new projects and ways you can get involved, and might offer you a further opportunity to donate.

Any personal information you share with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is protected by European data regulations - GDPR.

We back everything up to Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, and use Microsoft Outlook for email (all of which are also required to comply with GDPR). Any personal information on our computers is password protected and anything on paper is kept locked away.

Our website (hosted by Squarespace - again, required to comply) collects cookies (strings of information stored as text files) to tell us how people are using the site, so we can make it better. Cookies don’t give us any personal information about you. You can disable cookies using your web browser settings if you want to.

We won’t share or sell your data.

If you’d like to know more, you’d like a copy of your personal information, or you’d us to delete your data, please get in touch.

(updated 10 July 18)