What we do

Pay As You Feel meals

Through our regular pop up meals around the town we show people that ‘waste’ food can be tasty and nutritious. Enjoy a three course meal made with love by volunteers, chat to others in the community, and ‘Pay As You Feel’.


Businesses throw away food that is perfectly fit to eat every day. We collect this food before it ends up in landfill and redistribute it to local community groups and charities in our network.

 Photo: Felix Cannadam Photography

Photo: Felix Cannadam Photography

Community fridge

Community fridges are stocked with surplus food (edible food about to be wasted) by businesses and the community. Local people are then free to take what they need and turn these ingredients into tasty, nutritious meals. Aberystwyth will be getting its first community fridge very soon!


 Photo: Felix Cannadam Photography

Photo: Felix Cannadam Photography

App network

Apps like OLIO and Too Good to Go help businesses and local people share information about food that’s about to be wasted so it can be collected and used instead. We’re working with businesses and the community in Aberystwyth to make better use of these.

Animal feed

We’ll be making food surplus deliveries to the Dyfi Dairy. This small compassionate dairy will feed food that would otherwise be wasted to their goats, producing environmentally sustainable goat milk for local communities.

Foster A Composter

Too often, surplus food ends up in landfill, wasting its nutritional value and adding to its environmental impact. Our Foster A Composter project instead aims to turn the food into compost and we hope to make it available to the local community soon.

Anaerobic digestion

Ultimately, we want to ensure that NO food goes to landfill. We work with local businesses and supermarkets to use a dedicated food waste bin for food that really is no longer edible.

Why is food wasted?

A surplus of food can happen throughout the food supply chain. Farmers might end up with more food than they can sell; supermarkets might not be able to sell food while it’s at its freshest; and consumers might buy more food than they can use and eat before it goes bad. Best before and use by dates often mean food that’s still perfectly edible is thrown away.

We want to change things at every stage of the food supply chain. So that NO food ends up in landfill. Starting with Aberystwyth, we’ll change the way Wales and the world thinks about food. For the good of the environment and our communities.

 Photo: Felix Cannadam Photography

Photo: Felix Cannadam Photography