About us

Aber Food Surplus is taking action to reduce food waste in Aberystwyth. We collect the food local businesses are throwing away and redistribute it among the community. Through Pay As You Feel meals, we bring local people together and show them ‘waste’ food can be tasty and nutritious.

Growing food, transporting it and preparing it takes time, care and money. It uses precious environmental resources, like water, fertiliser and fuel. Wasting food is bad for our pockets and bad for our planet.  

While some people in Aberystwyth struggle to afford to eat well, as a town we throw away food that is perfectly fit to eat every day. This just doesn’t make sense.

Together, we can change the way Aberystwyth, Wales and the world thinks about food. There’s nothing to lose. Valuing and sharing food makes us happier, healthier and brings us closer together.

Aberystwyth’s food future is in our hands. Join us today.


Chris Byrne, Chris Woodfield and Heather McClure, co-founders


“Our vision is for Aberystwyth to be a pioneering example of food sustainability. A place where food is grown, distributed and consumed in a fair and environmentally sustainable way. Where people of all ages and backgrounds come together to enjoy tasty and nutritious food. Where food waste is a thing of the past.”

Chris Woodfield

Photo credits: No Church In The Wild, Aberystwyth

Photo credits: No Church In The Wild, Aberystwyth